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Multiethnic Cohort Quality Control Study:  Help us create a world where cancer no longer exists

The University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center is looking for volunteers to be part of quality control groups for a study that seeks to identify risk and protective factors of cancer.  Each individual who volunteers makes a difference by helping scientists better understand the mystery of this disease.  Your contribution of a small blood and urine sample is a gift of hope to our community and to future generations.

What we need:
– A small blood sample (3 tablespoons)
– An overnight urine sample
– About 20 minutes of your time

This multiethnic, Hawaii-California study is the largest of its type in the United States.

Anyone interested or wanting more information, please contact the study at (808) 564-5990 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

• Volunteers must be Caucasian, Japanese or Hawaiian background
• Males age 40-90
• In good health and weigh more than 110 pounds
• Females age 50-90 (post-menopausal and not on hormone treatment).

• $30 gift card
• Satisfaction from your contribution to Cancer Research