Clinical Trials

At the University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center, we're not just researching cancer; were fighting it, day by day. One way the University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center strives to meet its mission to reduce the burden of cancer for the people of Hawaiʻi, the Pacific, and globally is by providing access to many cancer-related clinical trials.  The UH Cancer Center remains committed to investigating new ways of improving cancer care in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific.  By collaborating with local cancer doctors and nurses, the UH Cancer Center offers a variety of clinical trials for cancer patients and their families, as well as healthy individuals.  For more information, please call (808) 586-2979 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

What is a Clinical Trial?  A clinical trial is more than just a study.  It's a powerful tool that uncovers better ways to prevent, screen, and treat cancer. It's about pushing the boundaries of what's possible in cancer care.  For a comprehensive list and to learn how you can get involved, visit the Find a Clinical Trial page for more information.

Participate in a Clinical Trial

Why Participate? 

Be at the Forefront

Get access to the latest, most advanced treatments before they're widely available.

Make a Difference

Your participation could pave the way for breakthroughs that save lives.

Community Focus
We work closely with local doctors and nurses to ensure that our trials make a tangible difference right here in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific.